Curriculum Vitae English

Since 2012 president of the Academy of the Green Party in Vorarlberg
Since 2011 member of the board of the Green Party in Vorarlberg

Since 2009 member of the board of the political Academy of the Green Party in Vorarlberg

2005 member of the socio-culture working group within the planning project Vision Rheintal

Since 2004 member of the board of IG Kultur Österreich

2003 until 2005 responsible for education in art and theatre at Vorarlberger Landestheater

Since 2004 CEO of IG Kultur Vorarlberg

Since 2002 official expert on copyright and on theatre at the civil right court, Vienna

From 1999 to 2003 CEO of Interessengemeinschaft Freie Theaterarbeit, Vienna (network and lobby for independent and autonomous theatre)

PhD thesis on social insurance for artists in 1997

Publication of "Handbuch für Filmschaffende" (manual for film authors) 1995

From 1994 to 1998 employed by the collecting society Dachverband Filmschaffende (VDFS), responsible for organisational development, support for artists, cooperation with foreign collecting societies

1993 Freelancer at Werkstätten- und Kulturhaus WUK, Vienna

1993 Scholarship at the University of Stockholm

1992/1993 Postgraduate in Cultural Management at the Vienna University of Music

1992 Award at the Film- and Videofestival of "Frauenfilminitiative im Filmcasino", Vienna

1987 to 1989 Freelancer at the Austrian Broadcasting Enterprise ORF

1985 to 1991 Studies in theatre science and journalism at the Vienna University

Born in 1966 in Feldkirch, Austria.









Moved to Vorarlberg (western Austria) in 2003.








Three children, born in 1996, 1998 and 2007